All US Veterans may attend the “Veterans’ Docket Day” (VDD). On VDD, Veterans will be given priority consideration and expedited processing at the Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations  Agency. Any Veteran with an open moving violation, a parking violation or a red light camera citation may attend the program.
The program begins June 23, 2017, at the 2:00 p.m. session. The program will continue on the 3rd Friday of every month thereafter at 2:00 pm. Please see a clerk to be scheduled for Veteran’s Docket Day.

Lease Security Deposits in New York

The law in New York regarding Security Deposits

Landlord beware!

Separate Security Deposit Bank Account

Under New York law, a Landlord cannot co-mingle rental security deposit funds with personal funds.   The security deposit on rental property must be kept in a separate bank account from the Landlords personal bank account.   If the rental property contains 6 or more family dwellings, the landlord is required to keep the deposit in a New York interest bearing bank account and give the interest to the Tenant when the Tenant vacates if he or she is entitled to the security deposit.